Daily archives "April 9, 2019"

Taoist Lovemaking

By James McNeil

I would like to talk about the art of Taoist Lovemaking and the many benefits it has to offer. Many men and women are offended by this subject as they are in Shih Shui Kung for many different reasons and I am sorry and hope this doesn’t offend anyone reading this newsletter but I feel it is important. For the past thirty-six years, I have had the good for-tune and honor of being able to study and practice the highest level of kung-fu, the art of Taoist lovemaking and Shih Shui Kung. I feel I have helped many men and women in my teachings. When was the last time you held or looked at someone deep into their eyes and had this deep beautiful inner feeling of the true beauty of love: the inner joy of happiness, fulfillment, and the feeling of security?

Sex is a three-letter word that means different things to different people. But sex is only a small part of a beautiful act, which requires feelings and emotions of love to become meaningful. We all desire to truly love and to be loved. The joy of this beautiful act has some-times caused pain, suffering, sadness, shame and loneliness. I don’t believe anybody should experience that feeling.

The joy and the beautiful feeling of happiness and fulfillment you feel when you’re in love is so beautiful. Being able to lay next to your partner, just holding each other can truly bring joy and happiness. The joy of lust and love that flows through your body is a feeling you wish would never go away. This is true love. When was the last time you felt this beauty?
Sexual energy is the strongest energy we have within our bod-ies. It keeps us healthier and happier and it can also prevent sickness as well as relieve stress. It can burn calories, improve our cardiovascular system, improve intimacy, reduce pain, boost self-esteem, strengthen pelvic floor muscles, cure an oncoming sickness, and improve sleep. Why not use this sexual energy to its fullest?

I am the only American student to learn this treasured knowledge directly from my Taoist masters in Taiwan. My main purpose in writing about this subject is because I am getting older even though my body is healthy and strong I would like to pass on the knowledge I have learned to a man or a woman who is willing to practice the way I have learned and be able to show the loyalty and dedication I did all these years. It will not be easy, it will not be fun, but when it is over and you look back at the knowledge you have, you will know it is worth millions. You will be able to help many people/couples in becoming healthier and happier than ever before through Shih Shui, meditation, and skillful lovemaking. What will you learn? (1) The art of feeling (2) The art of lovemaking (4) Patience (5) Complete control over your body (6) Meditation (7) Chi Kung (8) Acupressure massage (9) much more.